How do you design and implement rich, authentic customer interactions?
What can you learn from each and every one?


When more than 90% of customers who have an unsatisfactory experience with a business won’t even tell the company about it—they simply don’t come back—it pays to get customer experience right.

The first step in improving customer experience is to refine the strategy you’re working to. No matter the touchpoint or channel, whether you’re reviewing your approach to customer experience as a whole or in part, Comet can help you to create, improve and implement your strategy. We are experts in generating insights to guide your thinking, whether you’re looking at inbound, outbound, mobile, web, or call center interactions.

It’s not just about the the technology. Every customer is a platform in their own right
— Nicole Gleason, Practice Lead, Business Intelligence & Analytics

At Comet, we’re able to look at problems from both a business and a customer point of view, working to maximize the value of customer interactions for both sides. We look not only to facilitate improved customer conversations, but also to help all our clients learn from every single engagement—setting up a virtuous circle of development and refinement as we go.

A sampling of our advisory services:

  • Integrated customer marketing strategies across multiple inbound and outbound channels
  • Centralized decisioning
  • Business Case and Roadmap LEARN MORE
  • Campaign definition, inbound and outbound
  • Data management, warehousing, cleansing, processing, profiling, enhancement and more
  • Insights & analytics LEARN MORE
  • Training
  • Organizational change programs
  • Contact management strategy
  • Customer journey planning

Step one to a new customer interaction program.