Welcome to the new customer journey. Whether it’s an actual journey—as in researching, booking, buying and embarking on a trip from point A to point B—or a journey of researching, choosing, paying for and then commenting on new goods or services, the customer has never been in more control. Nor have they ever had higher expectations.

In travel, whether commuting daily to and from work or planning the next trip, the new consumer wants to spend their precious time and money with travel companies who build a genuine relationship with them. Customers are crying out for businesses who can support their journeys—quite literally—no matter the time or touchpoint, no matter their particular need. Comet has huge experience in helping the travel industry deliver these meaningful interactions across multiple channels and devices, assisting clients in identifying customer needs and mapping how best to meet these needs in an omnichannel world. We’ll help you track individual engagements across devices, reducing inefficiency and heightening the affinity that comes from a truly personal connection between brand and buyer.

Retail, too, is going through an era of profound change with the proliferation of mobile, digital and social platforms, altering how shoppers interact with our brands. Shoppers are very much in control of the customer journey, wanting their experience to be consistent, and demanding more information, personalization and relevancy online and in-store—anytime, anywhere and on any device. In order to be competitive, retail business teams and IT teams need to adjust and become more agile. And need to innovate and deploy new in-store technology and marketing strategies on a continuing basis. Comet has the global expertise and experience to help retailers optimize both marketing and IT capabilities for these new digital, personalized and real-time strategies.



Carphone Warehouse wanted to be able to market more effectively to consumers to help drive retention and cross sale of products. In order to drive future revenue and profits from its marketing, Carphone Warehouse chose to implement Unica (now IBM EMM).

How to implement a custom Customer Interaction program?