The Age of the Customer is now, where the customer is king and they are demanding so much more for lower prices. Customers have access to better information, and their product, service and experience expectations are all continually rising. Their long-term loyalty is waning and it is becoming easier to switch Telecommunications and Media service providers as those services become more commoditized and the market disruptors with nontraditional products make deeper inroads. These consumers (driven more and more by the millennials’ experience) want everything digital and they want a seamless and excellent omnichannel experience. To top that off, customer-facing reps are constantly encountering more informed customers who say: “I want to disconnect my service (to go to your competitor)”; “Give me what I want now at a great price or I will leave you”; “You are too expensive” and “I saw an offer on TV that is half the price.”

Thus it’s no surprise that competition is continually heating up among Telecommunications and Media providers in saturated markets with more and more aggressive price discounts, richer and broader customer offers (including triple plays and quad plays) and rich offers to buy out competitors’ contracts.

It’s also little surprise that in the last 10 years we have seen an accelerating evolution from Customer Base Marketing to Customer Base Management to Customer Value Management. The next stage of that journey is extending Base Management Capabilities into Customer Interaction Management and Omnichannel Customer Experience Management for a more holistic approach. The game has changed forever.

So how do you stay in front of the game, lead the pack and survive? How do you adapt rapidly to the changing market and competitive landscape on a daily basis and deploy your evolving strategies and offers on the fly? How can you determine how much every customer is worth and how much you should invest in them in every customer interaction? How can you thrive in this new world order and dominate your competitors? How can you exceed your customer’s expectations, manage the Total Customer Experience, reduce the risk of your customer wanting to leave, incent the “leavers” to stay and generate more revenue from your customer base? How do you win the new game?

Through constantly refining our methodologies based on real-life client experience over the past 10 years, Comet has worked with more than 20 Telecommunications and Media clients to help address the issues above and rapidly evolve their Customer Base Management capabilities.

A sampling of our advisory and delivery services:

  • Omnichannel Customer Decisioning and Personalization Programs focused on Next-Best-Action and Retention Optimization
  • Program-Level Business Cases and Benefits Realization
  • Developing Business Requirements for RFP Software Selection for Campaign Management and Customer Decisioning
  • End-to-End Program Management and Implementation
  • Solution Design, Build, Test and Deploy Implementation Services
  • Continuous Improvement and Business as Usual
  • Channel Transformation
  • Customer Base Management / Customer Value Management (CVM)
  • CVM Opportunity Assessments and Maturity Model Mapping
  • New Operating Model Organization Redesign
  • Developing Customer Investment Capabilities
  • Campaign Management Optimizations
  • Marketing Process Redesign, Automation and Optimization
  • Integrating Inbound and Outbound Marketing Teams, Processes, Strategies and Solutions
  • Business Insights and Analysis
  • Model Optimization



Home Shopping Network (HSN) is an interactive multichannel retailer with strong direct-to-consumer expertise. HSN offers innovative, differentiated retail experiences through various channels—TV, Online, Mobile, App and physical stores. HSN was looking for a tool capable of centralizing all requests.

How to implement a custom Customer Interaction program?