Experience across myriad industries and applications tells us that the implementation of Decisioning programs—no matter how specialized those program needs may be—have many similarities at their core. We are, after all, starting with a core set of technologies from a limited universe of partners, and generally speaking we are all trying to meet a core set of needs involving customer interactions: more personalization, more customization, the right offer delivered at the right time in the right amount, and so on. Which raises the question: if there are so many similarities in so many different implementations, why reinvent the wheel each time we approach a new project?

The answer to which is the Comet Logic Accelerators, a core suite of cross-industry foundational logic blueprints that provide best-practice templates to build upon, thus reducing risk and accelerating the trip to true ROI.

Each client and application, of course, has its need for some degree of further customization—which Comet will happily help with—but our Logic Accelerators are an efficient and effective way to get to those needs faster.

Key benefits of the Comet Logic Accelerators:

  • Provide a repeatable architecture proven to perform at scale

  • Proven to deliver commercial benefits to some of the world’s largest companies
  • Avoid the pitfalls of custom development for development’s sake
  • Omnichannel
  • Industry- and use-specific blueprints
  • Reduced risk of implementation
  • Faster time to true ROI
When you need a wheel, use a wheel, don’t reinvent it.
— Nick Gent, Practice Lead – Intellectual Property

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