IBM campaign (formerly Unica) is market-leading campaign management software. The software provides end-to-end capability for selecting customers for direct marketing purposes across multiple channels. It also stores contact history and responses so that the relative success of each campaign can be measured. A large number of our UK-based clients use IBM Campaign as their core campaign management tool. We have snapped up most of the Unica experts across the UK but there is still a large demand for experienced users. In order to fill this gap we have recently successfully run our first IBM Cohort training programme, with 6 new starters joining the EMM group. The group spent their first 3 weeks undergoing intensive Unica training, led by Comet consultant James Ramsay. With many of the group arriving and being unfamiliar with Unica, the first week was information overload! By week 2 the team were on their own for the week, attempting to take the knowledge they had acquired, digest it and put it into practice. Whilst this was a fantastic opportunity to gain practical hands on experience, the team were relieved when James returned for the 3rd week – although this was their toughest week yet and required serious concentration everyone learned something new and all are eager to begin their new projects, with most of the group already assigned to a client.