On 26th April 2016, Comet Global Consulting were proud to sponsor the Pega CRM Evolved Conference at The Institute of Engineering and Technology. To the list of lecturers at this historic venue – James Clerk Maxwell, James Watt, André-Marie Ampère and Michael Faraday – we can now add Pega, British Gas, Sainsbury’s and Comet Consulting. Over 250 attendees from some of the world’s most recognisable brands heard about the future of customer engagement, with perspectives from Pega Systems as well as industry practitioners from retail, telecommunications and utilities companies.

The incredible professionalism in the delivery of this event was only enhanced by the impressive venue – the recently reopened IET London in Savoy Place, situated right on the River Thames. As well as the high standard of presentations, the pre and post event engagement driven by the Pega Marketing team was excellent and has helped in the development of new relationships for Comet Global Consulting.