Consumers everywhere are more demanding, more digital and more distracted than ever. They expect a great experience from providers across all categories, often having received an outstanding experience from one and demanding like service from another. They are increasingly comfortable in the digital realm. And when a service goes wrong, abandoning the transaction and switching to another provider has never been easier.

Banks are not immune to these forces and are trying to respond rapidly to these new customer dynamics. At Comet we work with large retail financial services institutions in Europe and the U.S. to help banks know their customers and personalize every interaction, across every channel, to meet customers’ needs and maximize profitability. We combine sophisticated decision logic models with the bank’s own data and existing models to determine how to personalize interactions in real time, and then deliver the necessary insight and recommendations to the channel of interaction, be it digital or assisted.

Through constantly refining our methodologies based on real-life client experience, Comet’s advisory, implementation and managed services teams have worked with clients to deliver billions of dollars in benefit to clients globally over the past ten years.

A sampling of our advisory services:

  • Leading the next-best-action decisioning programs
  • Execution of decision strategies through configuration of data and information technology
  • Transformation of marketing operations to be more adaptive and agile
  • Channel transformation to enable better deployment of the marketing strategy to the point of customer interaction
  • Creation of business insights and analyses to enable continuous improvement of decision strategies and operational processes
  • Application of decision strategies to non-marketing activities; for example, wholesale banking risk rating



This bank, headquartered in Florida, had a proprietary marketing platform to engage with its customers. With a customer base of roughly 50,000, they needed to implement a robust marketing platform to help drive revenue and engage effectively with it’s loyal and profitable customer base.


Pegasystems: Thought Leadership in Financial Services Award 2014

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