Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
— First principle of the Agile Manifesto

With an Agile Development team of more than 50 people in Barcelona, we have successfully driven agile development for large projects within banking, telecom and transportation. Our agile teams include people with many different areas of expertise. Each team typically consists of 7–10 people: approximately 30% have QA/testing roles and 60% are software developers, with one Scrum Master. Per agile development methodologies, we plan iterations of achievable goals in small increments, not overcommitting resources, and maintain quality by writing tests and developing code in parallel.


Our team will work directly with yours to assess and document the individual requirements of your business. Huge emphasis is placed on creating a real rapport between Comet and your team—with our consultants typically spending a few weeks working on-site to assimilate your own unique business culture, practices and expectations. After this on-site immersion, regular physical visits will be made, supplemented and supported by daily, real-time communication via phone or videoconferencing.



How can our Application Development team help?