At Comet, we’re able to look at problems from both a business and a customer point of view, working to maximize the value of customer interactions for both sides. We look not only to facilitate improved customer interactions, increased ROI and reduced churn, but also to help all our clients learn from every single engagement, setting up a virtuous cycle of development and refinement as we go. Working in partnership with client organizations, we knit our DNA together to function seamlessly in the day-to-day.

As a member of this team, you will help build meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients as you work through the process of creating, improving and implementing our client strategy. You’ll have the opportunity to work across multiple platforms and industries and advance your skills through interesting and challenging work in a fast-paced dynamic team.


“Within weeks of joining Comet it was undeniable that an opportunity with Comet is not just a job, but a career. Company-wide confidence in the abilities and decisions of Comet’s leadership team is echoed back to the teams, allowing me to feel empowered in my client-facing projects in Edinburgh. Comet’s people are naturally collaborative, instilling a selfless, knowledge-sharing culture which has been instrumental in my development. Social events, which can extend beyond the daylight hours, welcome new colleagues, identify their strengths and align talent to the best opportunity. #wishyouwerehere”
— Andy, Consultant
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“I had a good feeling before joining that it was going to be a supportive environment with Comet, but the continued support and opportunities extended to me are truly incredible, and the client engagements world-class. It’s most rewarding to know the work we are delivering is making a difference and driving better customer outcomes for our clients.”
— Rob, Consultant

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