Customer Management Review

Our Customer Management Review aligns capability with customer strategy in order to provide great customer experience and commercial success.

Almost all organisations have a vision for how they want to engage with their customers to deliver great experience and commercial success. How they get there, however, can be less simple. Organisations typically have a number of development projects in progress, new initiatives kicking off as well as business as usual activity to manage. Ensuring that each initiative delivers what is expected, leverages the capability of others, does not create wastage through replication and propels the company as quickly as possible towards its vision is challenging.

Having been developed and refined over 15 years, our Customer Management Review provides a practical framework for meeting these challenges, ensuring a faster and enhanced return on investment. 

Key benefits of the Customer Management Review include

  • Stakeholder alignment on vision and what it takes to deliver
  • Clear linkage between the vision, the projects to deliver it and the benefits

  • Quick wins from using existing capability more effectively and minor enhancements

  • Understand where to start on new capability

  • Understand dependencies between projects and benefits
  • Protect existing investment
  • Pull forward value
  • De-risk future investment

  • Reduce wastage
You can’t just install a bit of technology and expect customer behaviour to change.
— Jon Orme

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