Our Business Agility Tooling provides non-technical users with the ability to affect production prioritisation and arbitration of offers within a guided workflow.

We have externalised pre-tested, minimal set of capabilities out of logic which allows non-technical business users to affect the prioritisation of offers and implementation of analytical tests via champion challenger through a user-friendly, non-technical GUI.  This allows marketers to affect the output of logic in a “safe” way that IT can be comfortable with.

Clients often struggle to operationalise their decisioning capability as it normally requires hiring external resources. However, using Pega’s revision manager capability, we’ve developed a series of workflows that place the decisioning capabilities into the hands of the marketer.

Key benefits of Business Agility Tooling


  • It allows non-technical marketers to affect prioritisation and qualification of offers and treatments in production systems without requiring any technical knowledge.
  •  The tool includes advanced test and learn capabilities, such as champion challenger execution and simulation frameworks.
  • We can help clients achieve ROI from day one through a managed services engagement operated via the business agility tooling and governed via the business agility approval flow process  

Modern business’s need to move at the speed of the market. Business agility allows marketing professionals to affect decisions on the frontline day-to-day without needing to be technologists. Test-and-learn; Change & repeat.
— Nicholas Gent | Practice Lead – Intellectual Property

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