Every journey begins with a first step, right? No. Every journey begins with a mystery; how did the traveller come to be at the start?

The use of customer journey mapping technology has been a great advancement in how we at Comet relate with our customers and try to exceed their expectations.

However, it is by no means perfect. We can map our customer journeys but how useful is our map when the customer doesn’t know the terrain that lays ahead? Have we fully tried to, not walk a mile, not even a step but just be in their shoes?

During a recent communications workshop with a client team, it was fascinating to take a step back and see the difference in how we spoke about engaging with our customers when we took off our marketing hats and reflected upon how this actually affects us - our families, our future, our lives.

This perspective brought valuable insights into what areas we need to improve upon, and allowed us to explore together the best way to further engage in meaningful customer conversations.

Let's look at the question we posed at the beginning; how did the traveller come to be at the start?

Understanding the myriad of unique situations that have brought our customers to the beginning of their journey will provide salient information.

But data isn’t enough, we need to be able to change our mindset from looking out to looking in. Achieving this will help us to connect with our customers as individuals, beyond marketing platitudes, resulting in a more symbiotic and empathetic relationship.

Yes, we need to learn from data but we shouldn’t let that distract us from seeing what our customers see.

Let’s start…

Andrew Weir

Communications Consultant at Comet Global Consulting

Andrew leads Customer Conversations for Comet at Standard Life. He is passionate about exceeding the needs of the target audience through the creation of fluid customer centric content - focusing on helping organisations architect smarter omnichannel conversations with their customers. He thrives on exploring new avenues in marketing and driving effective ROI through the marketing process.