Digital has been top of the marketing agenda for years. So much so that it no longer qualifies as a trend, so much as a given in terms of heading the priority list of any marketer’s agenda. There’s a good reason for this – there’s a well-established customer exodus to digital channels, with people of all ages taking advantage of digital’s flexibility and accessibility to do business with brands where and when is most convenient for them.

Digital is ground-breaking, it’s ‘cool’, it gets futurologists all excited, it gets companies winning awards and making headlines. The rapid changes have disrupted business models, and show no sign of slowing down.

But in amongst all of the new-age buzzwords and the hi-tech advances, where does the customer sit? Too often, it’s too far away from the top of consideration – consumer needs sacrificed or overlooked in the interest of funding the next shiny digital advancement for a brand – advancements that might get featured in trade press or win promotion for their key stakeholders, but which leave the end-user confused or cold. Customers don’t always need what’s ground-breaking; they do always need what’s useful, intuitive, or speaks to their individual needs – even if it’s not the most new-fangled solution or journey on the block. A bank might have 19 channels through which customers can interact with them, for example – and a digital-top-heavy strategy is clearly not going to entice customers who still need to come into a branch for more complex transactions, or who need to speak to a representative for a particular question…

At Comet, we’ve been the experts in customer interactions for over a decade. We know better than most that customers will ultimately be the only ones who can decide where, when and how they engage with a brand – so whilst we help our clients to build strategies that are frequently digital first, to adapt to the evolving marketing models we’ve been seeing since our inception, we never lose our emphasis on holistic customer service. Comet helps our client brands to engage with customers in the way those customers prefer, whilst keeping a keen eye on business priorities, of course.

Our focus on customers goes right to the heart of our DNA. It’s why we’ve created a new team specifically to concentrate on customer needs, desires and expectations for our clients. We’ve called the new team ‘Digital and Customer Experience’ because for us, unlike so many others, the two go hand in hand, never as separate considerations.

In order to provide a holistic customer experience, we help our clients to consider where they’re trying to get to, and provide invaluable assistance in mapping out the route to achieve this – starting small, and moving fast. Digital strategic emphasis is a given, and our expertise when it comes to playing in that world is certainly strong. But to us the ‘Digital’ in “Digital and CX’ is silent; it’s the customer experience that the team – and Comet as a whole – is motivated to evolve and improve, because ultimately, the customers are the ones who make our clients great, and helping our clients to grow customer value, retention and advocacy through our expertise is what gets us all out of bed in the morning.

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Iain Levein

Managing Director (UK)

Iain is currently a Director at Comet Global Consulting. He joined Comet in 2010, following a 10 year career at Chordiant Software, in which he occupied senior roles initially in Consultancy Management then as Client Executive responsible for the overall relationship including the enterprise sales activity with a number of major accounts such as BSkyB, RBS, Barclays, and Elisa. He achieved considerable enterprise sales success across the Chordiant suite and in-particular the market leading Decision Management solution that delivered many tens of millions of business benefit to his clients.

Iain’s real passion is ensuring that clients leverage their investment in IT solutions to optimise the value obtained from each and every interaction they have with their customers. When not in the office, Iain can be found on the golf course – his second passion in life.